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Missions Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age requirement to participate on a short-term trip?

On certain trips we will allow children age 12 and up to go, providing they are accompanied by a parent. We also have certain trips that are designated for high school or college students. Other than those trips, participants are usually adults.

How do I choose a trip?

There are a few ways to choose the right trip for you. We think people have the best experience when they are able to use their talents, skills and experiences serving overseas. There are also some trips that are great for people who are new to the World Mission's experience. You may also consider choosing a trip based on the best time of year for you, or an area of the world that excites you. Once you have decided, Pray, asking God for direction and confirmation as you consider this opportunity.

Who is selected for trips?

Each trip requires a different set of criteria for their applicants. It is important that we place people on trips that would be the best fit to meet the trip needs. This could include looking for people with specific skill sets or experience or it may be a "newcomers" trip where we want those who are new to the world mission's experience. Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than we have availability. Sometimes we simply don't have enough room to take all applicants.

Do I have to be a member of Shore Fellowship Church?

If you attend Shore Fellowship Church you will need to have completed the Membership Class prior to the mission trip. If you do not attend Shore Fellowship, you must regularly attend at another church and provide a letter of reference from your pastor. However, if there is a greater number of applicants than the number needed for the team, active Shore Fellowship members will be given a higher priority than non-members.

Will I have to attend team meetings prior to the trip?

Yes, all selected team members will be required to attend all meetings prior to the actual trip. This allows individual members to interact and form bonds prior to departing for the actual trip.

By applying, am I guaranteed a spot on the team?

No, your application will be reviewed to determine if your gifts and skills, best match the specific needs for that individual mission trip. By matching your gifts and skills, to what is needed for that type of trip, we can increase our effectiveness and the overall impact the mission trip will have.

What happens to my application if I'm not chosen?

If you are not chosen, your application goes into a "waiting list". If a leader of another trip is still looking for people for his or her team, then they may contact you to see if you are interested.

Can I travel to another destination or stay longer at my destination?

No. Again, it is imperative to team unity and for liability reasons that everyone travels together.