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Manna Worldwide Partner Projects

In 2003, Shore Fellowship Church partnered with Manna Worldwide to begin a relationship that would change the lives of impoverished children around the world. Manna’s main objective is to establish feeding centers, orphanages, and free medical clinics for the world’s most needy children. In addition to being fed, the children who participate in these projects with their parents, are required to attend weekly classes where the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Bible teaching is presented.

Shore Fellowship’s partnership with Manna Worldwide is a unique relationship. Manna provides the physical infrastructure: land, buildings and staff needed to feed and care for the children. The funding for each operation comes from individuals within the congregation of Shore Fellowship, who provide for the monthly expenses of these centers.

Our Projects

Shore Fellowship Church currently supports five individual projects with Manna Worldwide. We are always looking for additional opportunities to help the less fortunate children of this world. Currently we feed 375 children on a daily basis.


In 2003 we opened our 1st feeding center in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Every day this center feeds 120 children, two meals a day. The monthly commitment for the operation of this center is $1500.00 per month.


In 2005 we added a 2nd feeding center in Santiago, Chile. This center feeds 25 impoverished children, two meals a day. In addition to being fed, when a physical or medical need arises, these children or their parents are helped through the funding provided by Shore Fellowship Church. The monthly commitment for the operational costs of this center is $1000.00 per month.


In 2009, Sumpango Guatemala became our 3rd Manna Worldwide feeding center. The center located in Sumpango,  feeds 90 children who are full of life and quick to express their love. The monthly commitment for the operation of this center is $800.00 per month. In 2010, Solola Guatemala became our 4th Manna Worldwide feeding center. This center feeds 70 children daily. The Solola center is supported by a partnership with East Coast Roofing & Siding Inc..


JANUARY 2010, Zuringa, Honduras is our 5th MANNA feeding center. This center located in the mountain region of Honduras, feeds 70 children daily. The center is located in an area where malnutrition levels are extremely high.