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Learn Valuable Life Skills

Shore University Life Skills Track is all about helping you brush up on skills that will impact you life.  Over the course of this track you'll learn how to better your marriage, become the parent God wants you to be, learn how to manage your finances better and even how to deal with trials that come into your life.

Shore University classes are teacher driven and do require certain attendance requirements and occasional homework assignments.  However, the knowledge and skills you gain will help you become the spouse, parent or steward God wants you to be.

See below for the courses that will be offered during the Spring 2012 semester. 

When Life Is Hard


When everything is going wrong, should we just try to weather the storm? Or is there something greater in God's vision? Trusted pastor MacDonald speaks from his own rock-bottom experiences in this candid study of God's promises. Using Scripture, memory verses, and personal questions, he'll help you discover what God's showing you through these trials. (6 weeks)


Monday Nights at 7 pm , taught by Dave & Stacie Miller

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The Total Money Makeover

Dave condenses his 17 years of financial teaching and counseling into 7 organized, easy-to-follow steps that will lead you out of debt and into a Total Money Makeover. Plus, you’ll read over 50 real-life stories from people just like you who have followed these principles and are now winning with their money. It is a plan designed for everyone, regardless of income or age.

With The Total Money Makeover, you'll be able to:

* Design a sure-fire plan for paying off ALL debt
* Recognize the 10 most dangerous money myths
* Secure a big, fat nest egg for emergencies and retirement
* Positively change your life and your family tree!

The Total Money Makeover will be offered on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm at Shore Fellowship Church.  The class will begin on January 24, 2012 at 7 pm.  

Childcare will be provided for a fee.  The fee for childcare is below and does cover the entire semester.

  • $25 for one child
  • $40 for two or more children

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Would Jesus use Facebook and Twitter?  We say yes and you should to.  Never in history has it been easier to reach and influence more people at one time.  Social media plays a huge role.  Whether you're an occasional user or have no idea what a tweet or status update is all about, Pastor Jeff Whitaker will take you step by step through a four week Shore University course bringing you up to speed on how touse social media to reach your family, friends and community.  (4 weeks)


Tuesday Nights at 7 pm, taught by Pastor Jeff Whitaker

The Secret Life of the American Parent

You've heard of the Secret Life of the American Teenager, but what about the parents?  It's hard work raising a child in today's society!  Join Pastor Steve Christiansen, Pastor Nick Brennan and High School Director Chris Jones as they take you on a journey through their own experiences as children and as parents into what it takes to be a successful parent in the world we live in.  (6 weeks)

Prayer That Packs a Punch

Learn the six principles that make it possible to obtain powerful answers to prayer!  Pastor Chris Einwechter will teach you how to add some punch to your prayers.  In these six sessions you will learn…

  1. Praying God’s will
  2. Praying in faith
  3. Praying about everything
  4. Praying with persistence
  5. Praying with a pure heart
  6. Praying with privilege

We encourage you to be a part of this powerful, yet practical Shore University Class.  (6 weeks)