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Who's In Your L.O.O.P.?

God never intended for you to live life alone.  We were created for relationships.  That's why at Shore Fellowship we have L.O.O.P.s

A L.O.O.P. is a small group of people that are striving to "Live Out Our Purpose."  Through connecting with God, connecting with others and connecting with their community, a L.O.O.P. is the very thing that can provide that sense of community and be the catalyst for life change to take place.

There are three different types of L.O.O.P.s that are offered at Shore Fellowship...

Love L.O.O.P.

A Love L.O.O.P. is all about tending to the needs of others.  Whether it's making hospital visits, visiting widows and shut-ins, helping someone grow in their walk with Christ or helping a marriage that is struggling, being a part of a Love L.O.O.P. is all about Connecting the Love of Christ to the Heart of the Community.

Connect L.O.O.P.

A Connect L.O.O.P. is all about helping people connect.  These L.O.O.P.s can meet weekly or every other week and get together to encourage one another and to learn more about who God is and what God's purposes are for their lives.  There are many different types of L.O.O.P.s that may be offered such as L.O.O.P.s for men, women, married couples or students.  There also are Connect L.O.O.P.s centered around hobbies and interests people have that can be used to reach out to others.

Serve L.O.O.P.

Serve L.O.O.P.s are a great way to strengthen the volunteer teams that happen each weekend at Shore, or could be groups of people that love to serve out in the community.  These L.O.O.P.s can get together periodically to pray, encourage one another and learn more about ways to strengthen their volunteer teams and teach others what it means to serve.  If you love to volunteer in the community, your L.O.O.P. may go once or twice a month to the Rescue Mission or Food Bank to help out.  Either way, serving is vital and we want to give you an outlet to serve!

Winter L.O.O.P.s Kick Off January 20th

See what L.O.O.P.s are available and sign up for a L.O.O.P.

Lead a L.O.O.P. @ Shore

We're always looking for people to step up and lead a L.O.O.P. at Shore.  If you feel like God might be prompting you to lead a L.O.O.P. this Winter, click the button below for more information and to get started in the process.