Main Campus - Egg Harbor Township

1049 Ocean Heights Ave.
Egg Harbor Township, NJ, 08234
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Saturday: 5:00 PM & 6:30 PM - Sunday: 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM

T.V. Campus - Tri-State Area

Shore Fellowship Church broadcasts to thousands of televisions every Sunday Morning on it's weekly television program.

Sunday: 9:00 AM on NBC TV40

Online Campus - World Wide

Shore Fellowship Church makes it's weekly messages, video content, and notes, available to the world via the Media Center.

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The 90 Day Tithe Challenge

Imagine if...

- The hearts of everyone at Shore Fellowship were recaptured by the self-giving example of Christ's love.
- If your heart was recaptured by God's ultimate example of generosity when He gave up His Son for you. 

What would it look like?
How would it change your motivations, action and service?

God's priority is His church, not His resources. We are the church, and when we allow Him to freely use our time, our treasure, and our talents, we become all He intended.

God calls us to:
- Adjust our priorities
- Become good stewards of what He has given us
- Allow Him to work in our lives

Let's partner together on a 90 day adventure and find out why it's more about what God has for us than what He wants from us.  Together we can be faithful in tithing every week, and reading The Bible every day for a 90 day experience that will show you how God can bless your life.