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 Shore Fellowship Life Groups are simply that: groups doing life together. Life Groups are the chief means by which the following are accomplished: assimilation of new members, accountability and discipleship, leadership development, gift identification, outreach, service and ministry to felt needs, and communication.

A Life Group is a gathering of 6-20 people meeting in homes, apartments, or at church throughout the week. In a Life Group, a primary Christian community is developed and fostered. People are nurtured, equipped, and released for God's work in the world. They also provide an opportunity for intimacy, mutual support, practical love and service, learning about the Christian faith, prayer, and sharing of what God is doing in our midst.

Life Groups give us the opportunity to: SURRENDER our hearts in the pursuit of a Greater Good, SHARE our lives and stories with others who affirm and encourage us, and SERVE our community in various ways alongside caring brothers and sisters in Christ.

What matters most in life are relationships–relationships with one another and with God.

Our Life Groups ensure that NO ONE STANDS ALONE!



Life Group Ministies

Our Church life groups offer opportunities to deepen relationships with one another and God. Participating in a life group ministry makes it easier to get acquainted with— and feel connected to—others at Shorefellowship Church.


Life Group Ministries at our church include: 

Monday Night (Last Monday of the Month) Ladies Literary Book Club 6:30pm.

Monday Night Celebrate Recovery 7:00pm.

Tuesday Morning Men's Prayer w/ Pastor Todd Maples 6-7:30am (Off for Summer) 

Tuesday Night (Off last Tues.) Ladies Prayer w/ Julie Vance 7:00pm.

Wednesday Night Letters of John (No Childcare) 7:00-8:30pm.

Thursdays 2nd and 4th THIRST IS BACK 18-29 Student Life Center 7pm.

Friday Morning Men's Prayer w/Pastor Chris Einwechter 6:10am.

50+ Group meeting every other Saturday contact Fritz at



Life Groups in members homes include:


Bergeron @ 7pm/Ladies/EHT



Lenko @ 5:30pm/Kids/OC

Richards @ 6pm/Kids/EHT---Off for Summer

Detrick @ 7pm/No Kids/ML



Boggs @ 12:30pm/Ladies/No Kids/EHT


No Thursday Group



Cullens @ 7pm/Kids/EHT---Off for Summer

Gonzalez-Torres @ 7pm/Kids/Linwood---Off for Summer

House @ 7pm/No Kids/EHT

Malizia @7pm/Kids/EHT

Maples @ 7pm/Kids 7up/EHT

Stiteler @ 7pm/Kids 7up/ML



McKensie @ 6pm/Kids/ML

Snyder @ 7pm/No Kids/ML 



Bonek/Kaplan @ 4:30pm/Kids/Absecon

Brand @ 7pm/Kids 7up/EHT

Mossey @ 5pm/Kids 7up/Estell Manor





Through meeting and studying together, people develop deeper relationships with one another and with God.  If you want more information about life groups please contact please me.    Contact Pastor Todd Maples