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  Jesus Christ is the first step in your faith. Entering into a relationship with Him enables you to take the next steps with God, so that you will grow closer to Him.  At Shore Fellowship we baptize people because Jesus told us that after a person has become His child and chosen to follow Him, they’re supposed to be baptized.  God loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with each one of us.  At Shore Fellowship we offer opportunities to continually surrender our lives to Him.

The Bible teaches that the next obvious step in our surrender to God is that His love should flow into all our relationships; that those who love God will also “Love People”.    Two thousand years ago, the original Christ-followers served and did so much good that they were called the people who “Turned the World Upside Down”.  At Shore Fellowship Church we are committed to the mission of sharing the love of Christ with the heart of the community. We are also committed to global missions. 
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