Service Times: 8:30, 10:00, 11:30 Shore Fellowship Church - 1049 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

David – Uncut/Uncensored 
The Private Life of David through his Psalms 
with Donna Chambers 

Whenever I open the book of Psalms I almost feel I should ask permission before I begin reading. That’s because it seems as if I am peering into the private lives of ancient believers. This is especially true of David’s Psalms. At times they are uncomfortable and incredibly raw - other times awe inspiring, but always very real and full of passion. 

We see a real man with real emotions, crying out to a real God. Sometimes those cries are for justice or even vengeance because he’s been wronged. Sometimes they are for mercy and forgiveness because he himself was the one in the wrong. And then other times they are shouts of sheer joy and praise. 

We will be peering into the private life of this shepherd turned king. Along the way we will learn from his life lessons and whenever possible explore the historical events that inspired these real life cries.

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The Sermon on the Mount 
The Message of the Kingdom 
with Pastor Todd Maples 

Within the three chapters of Mathew known as the Sermon on the Mount are truths so rich and deep that no matter how often or how closely we examine their words, they continually bring new relevance to our lives. Do you want to know what kind of character you should have as a Christian? Then study the Sermon. Ponder each sentence and test yourself by it. 

There is no other section of Scripture that brings you face to face with your own humanity and the grace of salvation as the Sermon does. As Christ masterfully describes the Kingdom of Heaven, He presents believers with the perfect standard of the Christian life. He challenges the genuineness of our words and actions, allowing us to know exactly where we stand in relation to the Kingdom. Both humbling and encouraging, it is the greatest message ever preached.

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Signs of the Times
with Pastor Bill

What's really happening in the Middle East? What does it have to do with us here in America? Is the second coming of Christ really near? Could it be in our life time? Come and find out the answers to what's going on in this world of chaos and confusion. "The Bible has the answers."

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The Marriage You've Always Wanted
with Pastor Steve

You dreamed of a marriage that would take you to happily ever after, but somehow things have been less-than-ideal since you've tied the knot. Lasting marriages, which used to be esteemed as the building block of society, are disappearing at an alarming rate. If you long to recapture lost love or if you're looking to nurture a love that's already thriving, join us as we journey together through God's Word to find hope and healing.

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The Courage to do What's Right
Kids Discipleship

In this class, the kids will be encouraged to step out and do what is right in all parts of their lives. We will study the Bible in chronological order to learn about issues ranging from: the courage to make right choices, admit when they are wrong, and follow God's leadership. This is for kids in 1st to 5th grade.

There is a cost of $7.00 per child to cover class materials. Our Kids Discipleship is open to children who have at least one parent enrolled in one of the Wednesday Wave classes.

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Volunteer for Child Care

You can also volunteer to help Children's Ministry with Child Care; during Wed. Wave Classes.

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