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Top 10 Parent/TEEN Trip Reminders

1.  Medical Releases are REQUIRED for all trips taken.  Each medical release is good for the fiscal year.  New medical releases are needed if any insurance information, coverage or new health concerns arise throughout the year. You may get them from the office or Pastor Eric.

2.  We believe in protecting the purity of your student. On all our trips we require guys to sit with guys and girls to sit with girls.  We also discourage any 1-on-1 alone time with the opposite sex.  We encourage group activities and relationship building within them.  Physical contact is dealt with on an individual basis. Discipline may require the student to be sent home immediately at the parent’s expense or suspension from future trips for a certain period of time.  We will do our best to always involve you in the process.

3.  We encourage relationship building by not allowing personal headphones, game boys/gears, ipods, mp3 players, or anything else that puts the student in their own world.  This also protects them from expensive items being lost, broken or stolen.  We DO encourage cards and other multiplayer games.

4.  We do our best to ensure the physical safety of your student, which includes obeying all traffic/travel laws (ex. traveling the speed limit and requiring seat belts) and not driving in dangerous weather.  Each trip is accompanied by Adult leaders who have filled out a background check (including driving).  We protect the spiritual safety of our students by not allowing our adult leaders to travel/counsel students of the opposite sex in a one-on-one basis.  Our Adult to student ratio goal is 1:5-1:7.  Careful count of students is taken on each vehicle during each stop to assure that no one is left behind.  We allow no students to switch vans during a trip to avoid a miscount. A master list of students traveling and emergency contact phone numbers are available at the church office. 609-646-4693   *We also may have several parent contacts available.

5.  Parents are welcome to help or attend any of our activities or trips.  We will ask that you get pre-approval through Pastor Eric so that we can make proper travel, lodging, ticket, etc. arrangements.

6.  Snacks are allowed (no gum or other sticky products) unless the privilege is abused by students.  At the end of each trip we require ALL students to take responsibility in cleaning the vehicles (no luggage will be given out until completed).

7.  Students will begin to call home approximately 1 hour-30 minutes before arrival at church.  Please drop students off 30 minutes before departure to load luggage, make final payments (checks made out to: Shore Fellowship), or to find out any last minute changes/announcements.

8.  No weapons, fireworks, drugs/alcohol, smoking, pornographic/sexual literature of any kind are allowed.  Students caught with these will have them taken and may be asked to arrange for transportation back home at their own or your expense.

9. Our dress code is to reflect modesty.  We encourage our girls to not wear spaghetti straps (or any shirt that shows their bra), halter tops, midriffs, tight shirts, short shorts or 2 piece swimsuits.  Guys are also encouraged to not wear baggy clothing that reveals boxers, or inappropriate images, logos on T-shirts.

10.  On most out-of-town trips we will have the teens memorize a verse to get off/on the vehicle during stops.   We hope to create a burden for memorizing God's Word and show them that when not distracted by the things of the world they can focus on the things of God.