Service Times: 8:30, 10:00, 11:30Shore Fellowship Church - 1049 Ocean Heights Ave, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

Middle School Ministry (6th-8th grade) – Fusion

“Uniting Infinite Power with Matchless Love”

The concept of serving in this ministry strikes fear into some, brings patronizing “I feel sorry for you” smiles from others, and sparks enthusiasm from a few.  Middle school ministry is very important. 

A lot of the decisions that we see with our teenagers today are direct reflections of choices they made as Middle School students.  Here at Shore Fellowship we place a high priority on our Middle School students (6th-8th grade).  This unique group of students is at a crossroads in life.  Many students are forming their thoughts an opinions about life, God, family and themselves.  A lot of important spiritual decisions are made during this stage in life, such as: having a personal relationship with Christ, reading their Bibles, praying, and experiencing God working in their lives.

Together we can affect lives during the decision making process, before the consequences of bad choices have scarred their lives.  Multiple programs and events are in place throughout the year for these students.  We have opportunities available for people to serve in this ministry.

When: 10:00, Sunday

Where: Student Life Center

Who: Jimmy Bonek - Director of Middle School

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