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High School Ministry (9th- 12th grade)

The culture surrounding our high school campuses today dictates the choices that our students make. Many of these choices impact them for the rest of their lives.  During this crucial time, students are searching for their own identity and are struggling to fit in with their peers.  We are passionate about ministering to these students and effectively communicating truths from God’s word that they can apply to their daily lives. 

It is important that we communicate a message that is relevant to the daily needs of students. Often times, you will have only one opportunity to spark an interest for God in these students.  If you do not present the gospel in such a way that connects to their world, they may not give it another chance.  Students are encouraged in this ministry to build authentic relationships with others, to serve others and to follow Christ in their every day lives.  

What we offer...

Sunday mornings we offer an opportunity to grow in your faith, we challenge students with a relevant message from God’s word, we help them connect with other students through small groups and encourage them to sit one service and serve one service.

Wednesday nights we take a look at the issues our students face and see what the Bible has to say about them.  We leave students with more than just knowledge, we leave them with real life application of God’s word.

The Element is the last Wednesday of every month and you can click on the name for details.

We have numerous events throughout the year that range from concerts to camps.  You can sign up to receive email updates about our student ministry and be in the know or you can check the website.

Partner with us...

Team 52- By giving $1 a week to Shore Student Ministries you help us offset the financial cost for reaching students.  We are striving to reach students where they are at, in their setting and culture.  We use things like games, gift cards, activities, events, food, music, and Team 52 also helps supply Bibles for students who don't have one.

Sundays- Come be a part of our Sunday morning service.  We have serving opportunities based on your commitment level.

Small group- You can help host a home in the near future for our small groups, or help facilitate and oversee a group.

Resources- If you have resources such as a tent, a pool, a home, cooking skills, musical ability, a valid driver's license, or some spare time we would be more than happy to have you partner with our ministry. 


Element- Our once a month outreach service.

Contact for more information or on how to get started

Shore Student Ministries wants to see students Surrender their heart to God, Share life with others and Serve their community.

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Look forward to seeing you there...

Pastor Eric & Jessica

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