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At Shore Fellowship we don’t allow perfect people.  The cool thing is that God loves us and wants to have a relationship with us despite our imperfections.  We’ve found that having a relationship with God is really possible and is the best life has to offer.

Weekly gatherings are designed to be a safe, fun place to experience His love, to learn to surrender to God and “Love Him” in return.  We also offer classes to newcomers to introduce and plug them into life at Shore Fellowship.

The Bible teaches that the next obvious step in our surrender to God is that His love should flow into all our relationships; that people who love God will also “Love People”.

Shore Fellowship is made up of smaller communities called “Life Groups” that meet in living rooms to eat, laugh, discuss faith and develop real friendships.  Life Groups are the next step for people who attend our weekend gathering and why we say at Shore Fellowship, “No one stands alone”.

Jesus taught that love leads us to serve others.  Two thousand years ago, the original Christ-followers served and did so much good that they were called the people who “Turned the World Upside Down”.

Our goal is to do the same. Shore Fellowship VIP’s (Vision In Person) help us create an atmosphere where we can make an impact locally and globally.  Joining a VIP team is the next step for people in Life Groups.